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Hi, I’m Eugene Pilyankevich.

I’m interested in the way humans think and behave under uncertainty and pressure, because I think that’s what life is made of mostly.


I’ve been around software, networks and information security since I was a kid. Unsurprisingly, most of my professional career revolved around technology: I’ve worked as software engineer, systems administrator, security engineer, tech lead, CTO and COO in various companies. For the last decade I’ve worked for companies I’ve co-founded, because skin in the game keeps you evolving better than any self-help guru or productivity hack.

I’ve been lucky to work in various industries - in telco, finance, govtech, data security and pure software development. I’ve briefly ventured into healthcare, broadcast/cine engineering, advertising, agricultural automation and SCADA systems as well.


CTO/co-founder at Cossack Labs, where we help the next generation of tech businesses to protect sensitive data conveniently. We do that by building tools, bespoke solutions and providing custom R&D for companies who need novel solutions to specific problems.

In rare moments spare of rush and care, I mostly stand (or sit) and stare.


If you’d like to get in touch: eugene (at) ivychapel (dot) ink.